Research & Development

Our core strength lies in our ability to excel in developing products, through our focused and dedicated staff in researched formulations, product designing & development added by state-of-the-art R&D Labs.

We have an enthusiastic group of researchers and professional people working in our Research & Development Lab. Our team works on the concept of product development, such as product requirements in Nutraceuticals Dietary Supplement, Amino acid and Multivitamin, and multimineral prebiotics, probiotics and enzymes. Our team works to enhances the capability to offer innovative products for our customers, increases business growth and human wellbeing.

Our R&D abilities are also focused on the basis of buyer’s requirements. We believe one of the principal factors contributing to our achievement is our strong R&D capabilities. Originated from Science, Nature & Naturals. Nugen’s attention is to use Nutrition & Traditional Chines mediciene Ayurveda and develop safe and effective products to improve excellence of life.

How Research is completed

NuGen Nutraceuticals follow’s all CGMP and DRAP criteria for the production and processing of Nutritional supplement from Raw material to final product.

1. Preclinical trials

Our highly trained and well-equipped staff do preclinical trial continuously

2. Approval from Authorities

Country requirement and registration and also third-party registration

3. After Market analysis

Our team follows feedback and analysis all market and consumer response



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